Sex Therapist Richmond VIC

Struggling to Manage Compulsive Sexual Behaviour ?

Do you feel your sexual activities and habits are out of your control? Are you watching too much porn, spending hours on Tinder or GRINDR, or seeking out casual sex even if you’re not horny? Do you feel as if you are living a ‘double life’ and hiding your sexual behaviour from loved ones? Or regularly methamphetamine or other drugs to have mind-blowing sex? Often sexual behaviour that become out of control can strain romantic relationships, contribute to sexual problems (e.g., low libido, erectile concerns), or cause problems at work. Sexual activity can also be used to manage feelings or depression, stress, boredom or loneliness.

Dr Squirrell Specialises in the assessment and treatment of out of control sexual behaviour. Treatment can assist individuals to gain insight into the function of their sexual behaviour, make lifestyle changes, increase motivation to maintain change, and improve the quality of important relationships.

Therapeutic Approach

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Research & Media Interest

The following are links to articles regarding Dr. Squirrell’s research into the psychological and demographic characteristics of people who engage in online sexual activity.

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