Sexual Addiction Treatment

Struggling to Manage Compulsive Sexual Behaviour?

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Do you spend hours on the Internet downloading pornography, engaging in cybsex-chat, seeking sex and feel unable to stop? 
 Is your sexual behaviour hurting your close relationships and your effectiveness at work? Are you concerned that your spending on sex is out-of-control?
 Do you often feel guilty, depressed or alone and empty after acting out sexually? Could you be using sex to manage feelings of depression, stress, boredom, or loneliness? Is Internet pornography affecting your relationship and your sexual functioning with your partner (e.g., low libido, erectile concerns)?

Dr. Squirrell specializes in the assessment and treatment of compulsive sexual behaviour. Treatment can assist individuals gain insight into the function(s) of their sexual behaviour, make lifestyle changes, increase motivation to maintain change, and improve the quality of important relationships.

What are the symptoms of Hypersexuality Disorder or Sexual Addiction?

Hypersexuality- Symptoms#420B07

Trapped in Cyber-porn

Internet Sex Screening Test

Research & Media Interest

The following are links to media stories regarding Dr. Squirrell’s online research into the psychological and demographic characteristics of people who engage in online sexual activity (OSA) or “cybersex”.

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